Maris Lawyer at Odd Bird 

Saturday, July 10th, at 6 pm, Maris Lawyer will be here to talk about her debut novel The Blue Line Down, winner of Hub City Press's South Carolina Novel Prize. Maris will read an excerpt from the book, and then stick around to sign books and answer questions.


The Blue Line Down follows Jude Washer as he leaves his tormented childhood in the Virginian coal mines to join the Baldwin-Felts agents—the very agents who disbanded the unionizers at his own mine camp. Disturbed by the brutal brand of justice dealt out by the Baldwin-Felts, Jude seeks to free himself, resulting in a harrowing journey through the Blue Ridge Mountains, which presents even greater dangers. 


Maris Lawyer is a native of the South Carolina Upstate. She graduated with a degree in creative writing from Anderson University and has since gone to work as an HR generalist for an environmental consulting firm in Greenville. She lives with her husband Benjamin and two cats in Easley, where she spends much of her time fussing over the vegetable garden.

Headshot portrait
Headshot portrait